Justin Ervin Net Worth, Age, Family, Height and Biography

With a captivating smile and undeniable talent, Justin Ervin has made a name for himself in the film industry. Known for his work as a filmmaker and cinematographer, Ervin has captured the hearts of many with his creative vision and ability to tell powerful stories through the lens of a camera. But there’s more to Ervin than just his professional accomplishments.

NameJustin Ervin
Net Worth$2 Million
Date of Birth31 December 1988
Age25 Years Old
Weight80 kg
ProfessionFilm maker, Director and Producer

Justin Ervin Early life and background

Born on 31 December 1988 in the United States, Justin Ervin grew up with a deep passion for storytelling and visual arts. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in photography and filmmaking, constantly experimenting with different techniques and styles. His love for the craft only grew stronger as he pursued his education, studying film production at a prestigious university. During this time, Ervin honed his skills and developed a unique artistic voice that would later define his career.

Justin Ervin Career journey and achievements

After completing his education, Justin Ervin wasted no time in making his mark on the film industry. He started his career by working on various independent projects, collaborating with talented filmmakers and artists who shared his passion for storytelling. With each project, Ervin’s reputation grew, and his talent became increasingly recognized. His ability to capture raw emotions and tell compelling stories through his cinematography set him apart from his peers. It wasn’t long before Ervin’s work caught the attention of industry professionals, leading to opportunities to work on major film productions and collaborations with renowned directors.

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Justin Ervin’s dedication and hard work paid off, earning him numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. His films have been screened at prestigious festivals around the world, receiving critical acclaim for their powerful storytelling and visually stunning cinematography. Ervin’s ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level has made him a sought-after filmmaker, and his work continues to inspire and captivate viewers.

Justin Ervin net worth

As a successful filmmaker and cinematographer, Justin Ervin has built a solid financial foundation over the years. While exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it is estimated that his net worth is in the millions. Ervin’s success can be attributed to his talent, hard work, and the commercial success of his films. In addition to his work as a filmmaker, he has also ventured into other business opportunities, further contributing to his overall net worth. Ervin’s financial success is a testament to his dedication and commitment to his craft. Justin Ervin net worth is approximately $2 million.

Justin Ervin Personal life and relationships

Justin Ervin personal life is just as captivating as his work. He is married to the renowned model and entrepreneur Ashley Graham. Their love story is a true testament to the power of love and support. Ervin and Graham met in 2009 at a church in New York City and instantly connected. Their relationship blossomed, and they tied the knot in 2010. The couple has since built a beautiful life together, supporting each other’s careers and celebrating each other’s successes. Ervin’s unwavering support for Graham has been a source of inspiration for many, and their relationship serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries.

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Justin Ervin family

Family plays a significant role in Justin Ervin’s life. He comes from a close-knit family who has been a constant source of support throughout his journey. While there is limited information available about his immediate family, it is evident that they have played an integral role in shaping Ervin’s values and work ethic. Ervin’s strong bond with his family has undoubtedly contributed to his success and has provided him with a solid foundation to pursue his passion.

Justin Ervin height and Weight

Justin Ervin possesses a unique blend of charm, charisma, and talent. Standing at an impressive height as 5 feet 9 inches and weight is 80 kg, he commands attention whenever he enters a room. While exact measurements are not publicly available, it is safe to say that Ervin’s height is well above average. His physical appearance, coupled with his warm smile and genuine personality, make him a captivating presence both on and off-screen. Ervin’s confidence and self-assuredness only add to his overall appeal, making him a beloved figure in the industry.

Interesting facts and trivia about Justin Ervin

  • Despite his success as a filmmaker, Justin Ervin remains humble and grounded, always prioritizing the art over the fame.
  • Ervin has a passion for community service and has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors throughout his career.
  • He is an avid traveler and uses his experiences to inform and inspire his work.
  • Ervin is known for his collaborative approach to filmmaking, often seeking input and ideas from his cast and crew.
  • He has a deep appreciation for storytelling in all its forms, including literature, music, and visual arts.
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Justin Ervin social media presence

As a public figure, Justin Ervin maintains an active presence on social media platforms. He uses these platforms to connect with his audience, share updates about his work, and provide insights into his creative process. Ervin’s social media profiles offer a glimpse into his personal life, showcasing his love for his family, travel adventures, and behind-the-scenes moments from his projects. Fans can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay up to date with his latest endeavors and connect with him on a more personal level.


Justin Ervin is not only a talented filmmaker and cinematographer but also a remarkable individual. His dedication to his craft, his unwavering support for his loved ones, and his genuine charm have made him a beloved figure in the industry and beyond. With numerous awards and accolades to his name, Ervin’s work continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world. His net worth is a testament to his success, and his personal life serves as a reminder of the power of love and support. As Justin Ervin continues to push boundaries and tell powerful stories through his work, it is clear that his impact on the film industry will only continue to grow.

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