Welcome to PolarCandy, my food website filled with recipes I’ve create this site in the Last years. I have been private chef for assist me to make those amazing recipes.

PolarCandy work for food and recipes. You can easily learn how to make a variety of recipe items through our website. Our recipes offer a variety of allergy-friendly options, so please check them out. Feel free to ask any questions or share comments so we can continue to learn together.

PolarCandy start in 2022 as a lunch service in my office as I started cooking for coworkers who admired my lunches I’d make everyday. Soon that business was booming and I was making 5-7 lunches per day (I had 6 coworkers) and I was catching the cooking bug.

Thanks so much for being here and honestly, if you have any questions about any recipes or want to make a recipe suggestion to anything please send me a message in the comment below.

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